my first real posting

I thought I’d use my first ‘proper’ posting to tell you a little about who and what I am, and where I come from, so that anything else I write will at least make a little bit of sense.
I am 31 years old (gasp!) Oh the horror of seeing it written down!
I am a single mom to a gorgeous 14 year old son named Damien (ja, ok, you do the math). He is the centre of my universe. Hopefully one day he’ll be my legacy too. He is currently in his final year of Primary School and he has done his entrance exams and been accepted at the high school of his choice. He is incredibly artistic and also does gymnastics. He wants to be a marine biologist when he grows up.
I am a Ferrari fan and an avid F1 watcher/ analyzer/ fanatic/ critic (pick one, they all fit). My favourite drivers are Senna, Montoya & Alonso.
I read Terry Pratchett (I have almost the whole collection of Discworld stories in paperback), Anne Rice (almost all hers in paperback too), Patricia Cornwell, Steven King and Dean Koontz.
I also LOOOOVE live music* almost anything live is fabulous! My CD collection spans everything from Glen Miller to Metallica with some Anastacia and Wonderboom thrown in for good measure, you’ll also find Beeskraal, Sting and classical music.
I have a Bridal magazine addiction which is kinda under control and I am currently reading FHM, although I think I may be switching to Top Billing soon.
I thrive on good red wine, fast food, and my last cigarette was just over a year ago (NB: I didn’t stop ‘coz I wanted to – I stopped ‘coz I had to and I’m too scared to start again).
I am lucky enough to come from a big, close knit family where I am the eldest of four children. I have two sisters – one married with three kids, the other divorced, and a brother – married with a baby boy. That’s a total of three sisters, two brothers, four nephews, thirteen cousins (one still on its way) and four godchildren, only one of my nephews is a god child, the others spring from various sources… but more on them all later.
My parents are happily married after almost 32 years – even happier now that all of us kids are out of the house. They worry about us and bail us out when we need a hand now and then (sometimes more ‘now’ than ‘then’). They set a tough example – it’s like they’re dating again. They go out to the movies; meet for coffee; go away together on weekends – and a baby sitting request on a Friday night is a no-no except in an emergency, that’s their night.
I have a fabulous bunch of friends, mostly married with children but with a few single women thrown in for added flavour. When we socialize it is usually at one of our homes with the kids in tow. We have also established a monthly ‘movie club’ for us girls – the hostess picks the movie and the rest of us bring something to drink and some nibbly things. I’ll let you know how that progresses.
I look forward to telling you all about me & mine – I have always so loved an audience!