Okay, So My Jaw Was On The Floor!

Sunday’s total F1 farce by far overshadows the Michael Schumacher debacle of a few years ago- in Austria I think it was- where Rubens Barrichello had to move over for Schumacher at the last moment and made it so glaringly obvious what he was doing.
It will also live for a very long time in the memories of F1 fans and critics alike.
And I’ll wager the whole debacle will be partly blamed on Ferrari anyway- because the demand for a chicane on turn 13 made by the Michelin shod teams was neither opposed nor supported by Ferrari. “They” will say again that the FIA panders to Ferrari and to Michael Schumacher. This is of course the anti-F1 contingent’s favourite argument!
Granted, seven of the ten teams boycotting the race gave Ferrari the ideal opportunity to catch up a little in this season’s point standings. But that’s not the kind of racing I like to see. This season has been hugely disappointing for us Ferrari fans but it has been an exceptionally exciting season none the less.
I feel that the Indianapolis “hiccup” could have and should have been handled differently by all involved. Indianapolis was re-surfaced. Michelin knew this so maybe they should have done more testing to ensure they had the right tyres for the day. Maybe the FIA should have made a
plan to put in a chicane on turn 13, given the accidents during qualifying- especially since they had the time to do so. Or maybe the cars should even have raced- slower than usual and for no points since I think that would have been just as damaging for the teams. Too many “maybes”…
My bottom line is this- safety first- i think I would rather remember this race for the farce that it was than for a driver having been killed on the day.