Weekend Report

Well, to put it bluntly, it could have been better. We were supposed to have another movie night at my place on Saturday – and due to budget constraints and generally feeling miserable… I cancelled. I cancelled – can you believe it, the one who always bitches about other people cancelling at the last minute! But I really did feel rotten. I only got out of be after 5 on Saturday afternoon – having slept most of the day. Luckily Damien is at an age where if he’s hungry he can make himself something, leaving me to sleep. I felt a little better on Sunday, and with a lot of work to catch up on, I spent Sunday evening on my laptop! My dad was sweet enough to let me watch the F1 grand prix (which he has no interest in) when my mom invited D & I to stay for lunch after church.
I was so looking forward to our movie night, I’ll have to make it up to the girls soon.

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