Hey, I’m a Tim Burton fan.

I don’t know why it never struck me before. Tonight I saw a trailer for “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, the original of which I loved, as well as devouring the book… no pun intended, and I realized that I have seen and loved a lot of Tim Burton movies. Did you know he worked for Disney? Needless to say his creations weren’t exactly what Disney was looking for- but they recognised artistic talent.
It must have happened the first time I saw my all time favourite Burton flick, the inimitable “Beetlejuice”, man I loved that movie. I think I must’ve seen it five or six times. My second favourite Burton flick- brace yourself- “Mars Attacks” which (to quote a website) “…is irresistibly perverse in its state-of-the-art tackiness…” A perfect description, couldn’t have said it better. Also a favourite of mine is “A Nightmare Before Christmas” which I think was very lost on South African audiences but Damien and I adore it. My brother worked in a shopping mall a while back and come Christmas they had a window dressing competition in the mall. My brother and his colleagues opted for “…Nightmare…”, I loved the idea but it didn’t go down too well, like I said- lost. Burton’s version of “Sleepy Hollow” was fabulously scary, and need I say it, another favourite of mine and Damien’s. And of course there was the unforgettable “Edward Scissorhands”. And two movies we thoroughly enjoyed but never knew were his were “Batman” and “Batman Returns”, and now all of a sudden The Penguin character makes sense… go figure. The one movie of his which I enjoyed but won’t watch again in a hurry (unlike his others, most of which I’ve seen many times over) is “Planet Of The Apes”. The special effects were fabulous, and it was a good movie, but not like his others. The fact that most of his movies star the delectable Johnny Depp is beside the point of course (loved him in “Pirates Of The Carribean”). Oh, note to self: rent “Ed Wood” from video shop ASAP. I have long known and stated that I am a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino films, but I never registered how much I loved Tim Burton movies as well. In the process, I have inadvertently turned my son into a fan (of Burton not Tarantino).