Me? Angry?

Currently I?m reading a book by Julie Barnhill called “She?s Gonna Blow“. It?s written specially for mothers dealing with anger by a mother who also has to deal with it.

Frankly- it?s frightening. It describes in detail the kind of “explosions” moms can have, from the gently but permanently simmering rage to the explosive murderous episode and she equates them to types of volcanoes. It also gives detailed descriptions of the types of abuse our children are subjected to? the loaded silences, the nasty sarcastic comments (the list goes on)? by us, their mothers AND describes the emotional these things can do. She also suggests ways of identifying the underlying causes of anger. And it?s a good book whether you?re a stay at home mom, a single mom, a work full day mom, a stepmom, it doesn?t matter?. The main “theme” that I have found throughout the book (I?m halfway through it) is one of hope and that I?m not alone- that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If I hadn?t seen so many of these books piled on top of each other in the bookshop I would swear she wrote it especially for me, personally. I feel like checking over my shoulder to see if anyone has registered my shock or horrified expression when I read a particularly accurate passage. Of course there?s no-one in the flat but me and Damien, but I still feel guilty as hell. The book also suggests ways to control my outbursts that actually work! If you?ve had days when you are ready to put your kid on the corner with a ?free to a good home? sign around his/her neck (and we all have) then this is the read for you. It?s also really funny and touching- definitely worth the time.

Thank you for giving me this book sister C, love you.