God Has A Sense Of Humour

My friend “L” told me last night that she’s going to try and stop smoking. I said I would help all I could, since it’s been a little over a year since I stopped. She’s stopping for a slightly different set of reasons to me though. Neither of us can afford to smoke (financially), and our kids and cats suffer. But I am also literally terrified to light a cig because it’s instant asthma for me, as much as I miss them (and I do, isn’t it pathetic). L doesn’t have asthma. I said if she wanted to she could phone, email or come over when she needed a smoke, and if I can I will try to keep her mind on other things. Moral support you know* I also said I’d add her attempt to my prayer list (which gets longer by the day). Anyhoo, we live in the same block of flats and we work in the same area, but we drive different routes to work. This morning, for no apparent reason, I decided to turn left instead of right when I pulled out of our parking lot. L always goes left to drop off her son, I always go right coz the knucklehead has already left. As it happened, I was already facing right when I changed my mind and turning left meant I had to cross way over into the far lane outside our flats (luckily there were no cars coming). And what do you know- me and L met up facing each other at a stop street five minutes later. I waved, she smiled, I drove on and she followed. After I’d been at work for about an hour I got the following e-mail from L:

I convinced myself that I can give up the home ones and just have my four a day at work, like a trade off cos then it wont be so hard giving up all at once and four a day is cheap, BUT on the way to work in the car i thought this is ok can have ONE in the car cos T wont see*well didnt God send u on my path while I was PUFFING away?? I looked up and killed myself laughing cos I asked for His help and he sent you to catch me RED handed* He does have a good sence of humour hey??? ha ha ha ha

(T is her son and he told L that if she smoked he’d tell me.) I nearly fell off my chair laughing, suddenly the reason for my changing direction was so obvious!