My Son The Achiever…

My son’s name and “school prefect”… two words I never thought I’d hear in the same sentence, at least not with good connotations.
No honestly.
Especially given recent events.
Well, the knucklehead came home on Tuesday with a PREFECT badge and a timetable for his duties for the third school term. With it being a private school they give all the grade seven kids a turn to be a prefect for a term as a type of leadership test. Most other schools monitor the kids throughout their school “careers” to determine which kids have leadership qualities, but where my son goes to school the kids are often only there for a year or two before moving on.
That does not make me any less proud of my baby!
Another first for our family!
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2 Responses to My Son The Achiever…

  1. Jackson says:

    As a parent, I am proud of my son for whatever, achievement he managed.

    You are successful in your own unique way. The best is in your hand.

    Thank you and best wishes.

    Jackson Ng

  2. Wenchy says: