this is the sound of me trying not to laugh out loud at one of my client’s staff members! no- don’t misunderstand… i was standing making myself a cup of coffee when a guy walked past me in the passage outside. he came right back and stood a little to the right of me (the coffee trolley was in front of me) very obviously looking at my breasts- for a full two seconds. i was so stunned i stopped stirring my coffee… i am particularly well endowed in the bra area, and as much as i hate bra shopping i love showing off my cleavage and i am used to people staring. but only my really close friends are allowed to make jokes and such… but today i’m not even showing my cleavage. this guy was standing there staring at me. as i looked down at my shirt to see if i’d messed something on it he seemed to wake up and he realised what he’d been doing. then he said he’d found a button lying on the floor in the passage and thought maybe it was mine. he was very embarrassed and proceeded to produce said button to prove he wasn’t a complete perv… i’m still giggling

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3 Responses to hhhmmmmmppphhhhttt…

  1. Wenchy says:

    Very funny. :o)

  2. Janine says:

    HAHAHA. That’s too funny.

  3. spookie says:

    YEAH RIGHT!!!! Unlike you – I hate mine. And that so and so probably carries the button around in his pocket as an excuse to gawk at boobs! what a MORON!!!