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Here are Some things I have discovered on the web and in various mommy blogs and some of them I am now very curious about:
First up: Vacation Bible School. This must be purely an American thing, I’ve never heard of it before. Is it like the holiday school we have in SA- which is not very exciting unless it’s very well organized and expensive? Or if you can afford it you send your kid to Sugar Bay (one day Damien- one day). Is it like an all day every day Sunday school? What do they do at bible school? Is it a denominational thing?
And then there are the acronyms. These are fascinating- it never occurred to me that there could be so many. It took me a while to work out what some of them stood for* like SAHM, WAHM and BF (yes, it took me a while to work them out). And then every other day I find a new one! Is there an online dictionary somewhere where all these are listed? I found them on so many different blogs I started to wonder what was wrong with me that everyone knew what these were and how to use them and I didn’t! And I can use the cell phone text speak like a pro*
Next up: “Attachment Parenting”. Okay I give up. Can someone please tell me what this is? I could “Google” it but I’d much rather hear other mommy’s definitions* and I’d hate to find out that I have permanently scarred my child by doing something I shouldn’t be (again).
And then there’s the CIO debate. And I must be honest, while I understood the context of CIO, I didn’t know what this acronym stood for (I have now worked it out). Anyway, maybe it’s just ‘coz it’s been a really long time since I had a baby to look after apart from babysitting, but when Damien was a baby this was not so much a debate as accepted practice once baby reached an age where he was expected to sleep through and behave when he was awake… or maybe it was just my family. The thinking then was that the new baby had to fit into his family’s routine, obviously with whatever changes were necessary on both sides, but I was taught that you don’t jump whenever baby squeaks. I know things change over time- and Damien is fourteen now. But did I do that much damage by letting him cry? I never left him to cry till he puked or lost his breath, and he’s never been big on tantrums (sulking yes, tantrums no). Why is it a debate now? Have the “experts” uncovered some dire consequences that I didn’t know about back then?
And also: Password Protecting Your Blog. This never even occurred to me. Maybe it’s the voyeur in me but I LOVE reading and being read. Do you protect your blog when it becomes one of the most popular ones around? Do people get harassed on their blogs? What is the switch that triggers the decision to protect your musings? I only WISH I had enough readers to warrant choosing who gets to read it! Don’t misunderstand- I admire everyone who blogs since I believe they are on line diaries to be treated the same way you would a handwritten one. And I respect and understand the choice to protect them- I just wonder what the reasons are.
And last but not least- I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of mommy bloggers who are openly Christian in their musings and writings. I have been inspired, reduced to tears, dissolved in fits of giggles and reminded of my place in life; the universe and everything! I only hope that in time my scribbles can benefit someone else- not just be a place for me to rant!

6 thoughts on “WWW Dot You Got Me Thinking Dot Com

  1. I give great google!

    No idea what CIO is either…. I really should google a bit of that. :o)

    Nope, I don’t like password protected blogs either, actually only have one blog I read that is password protected.

  2. I see my URL on your side bar, thanks a million gumdrops. I am from Canada where vacation Bible School is the thing to do if you’re any kind of mother, which unfortunately I am not because I don’t have a car during the days when husband is at work. It’s only a week long and most local churches have it at different times. It’s usually only the morning and it’s basically Sunday school. The idea of it is to get kids in the neighbourhood to come to church in hopes that they’ll continue in September. I went in 1974 and became King of the school by learning the most verses and bringing a friend etc. I would have rather been queen, but King was first place, queen was second.

  3. Howzit – love your blog. Please don t password protect it. I see nothing wron with letting a baby cry – doctors say it is good for developing their lungs. And good for you if you can do it. Me – I have a hubby wha cannot handle a crying (screaming) baby, so D spent most of the time in my arms, bed, lap – whatever, and he’s also fine. So dont take everything all the “experts” say too seriously. You know what an ex-spert is, an EX is a has been and a SPERT is a drip under pressure!!!

  4. I have no idea what CIO is.

    I think the password protection comes in when family members/co-workers and undesirables read the blog and somehow cause a difficult situation so the author has to protect him/herself.

    I definitely google anything I need to know. It’s the best way

  5. So many questions in one post! I know the feeling: been unpuzzling my way through the internet life for a while now. Normally guessing first, but when all fails one way to go – Google. 😉

  6. I like to make up my own meanings for acronyms when I have no idea what they are supposed to be. For instance, SAHM = Sandwich Activated Hedge Monster. It enhances my reading experience no end.

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