A Cat Allows You To Sleep On The Bed. On The Edge.

Jenny de Vries (1947~1991). If a cat deigns to call YOUR house home, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. If either Taxi or Greebo grant me the honour of sleeping on the bed with me, or lying with me on the couch- I will do my level best not to disturb their rest, never mind the fact that a cat is not that easy to move if you’re pinned under a duvet. A couple of morning’s ago I woke to an immense pressure on my chest- Greebo and Taxi had decided that that was the prime spot at the time and even if you’re not asthmatic, eleven odd kilos of fur and muscle makes it hard to breathe. But no matter what- they cheer me up, make me feel better. Greebo will jump up on the fridge or the washing machine to say hello, bump heads with me. He doesn’t purr and he’s not much of a cuddler, but he has his own special way of letting me know he loves me. And then there’s Taxi. He goes where I go at home. He’s my cuddler, bumping up on everything with his tail in the air, squeaking at me and trying to steer me to the kitchen. If he’s asleep and I touch him he’s instantly up and awake and kneading and purring. When I’m putting makeup on in the bathroom, he’s lying on the floor or sitting on the bath. If I don’t close the toilet door properly, Taxi will come in and either sit or lie on the floor and wait for me to finish whatever I may be doing. Anthropomorphic personification. That’s what they call it if you give an idea or an animal a human personality. I am guilty as charged, and I wouldn’t change it for the world!