Non-Sleeping Mystery Solved

you remember i said i don’t allow damien to have coffee, except very occasionally? well it turns out he sweet talked the girls at his aftercare into making him coffee (there are only six kids and they’re allowed to make their own tea, coffee or juice). but not just regular coffee- instant coffee the way i drink mine! three heaped spoons of plastic coffee with a little sugar (i traded nicotine for caffeine a while ago, i figured it wouldn’t kill me as fast). when the lady who looks after them found out she nearly had a heart attack and immediately put a stop to it. she also asked me if i allowed him to drink coffee as strong as that- as if! but once the situation was explained she was cool and i was glad coz now the little shitty’ll sleep again!!

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2 Responses to Non-Sleeping Mystery Solved

  1. Wenchy says:


    I don’t allow my kids much coffee & tea at all… SOMETIMES on a Saturday am – weak – but I didn’t grow up drinking it so I guess I am just continuing that little “tradition”.

  2. Janine says:

    Aargh – hair-raising story. We try to protect them from all manner of things and then they go out and do it anyway.
    Glad the non-sleeping mystery is solved, though!