Oh Dear…

My fetish for wedding magazines seems to have kicked in again. I have bought yet another one in the last week. Here in SA imported magazines like the ones I like cost a fortune. The one I just bought is the July- August issue of you & your wedding and it cost me R89! For a magazine! My dad would probably soil himself if he knew what I could spend on a magazine! The last one I bought was wedding flowers and it’s probably got half as many pages as my most recent acquisition, but it cost me R75. Someone rap me over the knuckles please… no, not really, I allow myself some luxuries. My deal is not to buy a novel AND a magazine in one month since they cost about the same… but I do buy Damien the magazine he likes too- so I’m not completely selfish, at least not all the time.

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  1. I too have a fetish for magazines – not wedding ones, though – anything to do with parenting/birth/pregnancy – it matters not what the price is!

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