This Weekend…

Actually seemed quite quiet, until I started writing about it. On Friday afternoon when I went to fetch Damien, he had been in trouble with his aftercare teacher. He was back-chatting and walking around the complex without asking first. He also had these huge fire crackers that he got very upset with his aftercare teacher for taking away (no idea where he got them). So we had a long chat and he apologised for being rude and misbehaving, but he sulked all the way home because I got rid of the crackers. Traffic was a nightmare too! Then I did dishes and fell asleep in front of the TV. I was supposed to have a facial on Saturday morning but my beautician phoned on Friday to cancel, now I have to wait three more weeks- huge disappointment! Not to worry, I went shopping on Saturday morning… oh joy! It was just groceries but I SO love spending money! Then Damien and I went to Wimpy after for waffles and met up with my best friend and her boys. I haven’t seen her in so long I almost didn’t recognise her- she looked fabulous! Her hair has grown past her shoulders and she’s lost so much weight the last few months. Then her mom and sister arrived and we ended up spending a good few hours there drinking coffee and chatting. Then I registered that I had a trolley full of groceries but I hadn’t brought the car! Brilliant! Luckily we don’t have to walk far so Damien just took the trolley back after we unpacked everything!
Saturday night was our fifth movie night at my SIL’s place. Miss Congeniality 2. Very cute, not as good as the first one (are they ever?) but a good giggle. I bought myself my favourite pinotage and drank almost the whole bottle on my own. I would have finished it but for some mysterious reason I was the only one drinking alcohol (and I had to drive) so I figured I should reign myself in just a wee bit. BTW, has drinking gone completely out of fashion? I mean, I seldom drink- but I really do love a good red wine on movie night… anyway, we chatted about a “year end” party for our movie club and decided to do the whole sequins, satin and feathers thing at the end of November and actually go to a theatre for a movie with dinner afterwards. Should be extraordinarily entertaining! Sunday started out pleasantly (weather wise) but when we came out of church it was bloody freezing! Oh, and when we came into the church, I took a communion wafer and put it into the silver chalice like I do every Sunday, and for some reason Damien (who was behind me) decided to have a closer look at what I’d done and promptly knocked the bloody thing over! ALL the wafers- on the floor. I only heard it fall and when I realised Damien had knocked the wafers over I wondered what would happen next! I had visions of them canceling communion because the wafers had been on the floor! Paranoid neurotic that I am. Nothing happened of course. Everything went on as usual. We stopped to buy Oreos (the original kind) and we had coffee and cookies at my granny’s house. I then went home to attempt to do some housework. I did washing, dishes and fell asleep on the couch. I had a splitting headache and unbelievably I actually think it was from the wine! I must really be getting old – I never get a hangover. It made sitting in church a tough two hours… but I tried very hard to be good and stay awake (by praying with my eyes open, teehee). I tried to nap on the couch while Damien tidied his bedroom and then my mom phoned in the afternoon to invite us for coffee and my nap was ruined. Went to the folks for coffee while my cousin visited and then found out that another cousin (brother to the one who was visiting) and his wife are expecting their first baby! Then I went home, watched conspiracy Theory and went to bed.

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  1. Wenchy says:

    LOVE the idea of a movie club!