Look What I Found!

It seems it’s a normal plant after all, much to my relief! Damien is very excited about the fact that his plant loves him so much! I had no idea they actually got flowers too… this drawing is from October 1804 – I think it says it was done by someone named Syd Edwards. Isn’t it amazing what you can find on google when you have the time to look!

And its Casual Day today- it’s a charity event in aid of people with disabilities where you buy a sticker for ten bucks and you get to wear whatever you want to. The last few years I have really looked forward to casual day because it was always an excuse to go completely overboard at work (and on Cleavage Day of course). In the past few years I have worn evening wear, my clothes inside out, my clothes back to front, a fairy outfit replete with tiara and bells, and I went “smart casual”- literally smart clothes and casual clothes mixed. This year though, I have clients who expect me to look intelligent, not co-workers who expect lunacy. So I bought a sticker anyway, and made one concession- jeans and golf shirt is the usual Friday attire- but I put my hair in pigtails… I just couldn’t do nothing, it went against every fibre of my being not to dress up!!
Anyhoo, quite a way to start a Friday- it was my boss’s birthday so he took us all to breakfast! Nice though it was, it made the rest of the day a nightmare- I couldn’t think straight at all! I kept unplugging my earphones (I listen to music on my laptop), I dropped my phone several times and when people asked me questions… I drew a complete blank! A very unproductive day altogether I think.

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