What We Did On Our Weekend

By Friday afternoon I was so bushed I just wanted to go home and sleep. And I was SO looking forward to sleeping late on Saturday* aaaaaaand then I remembered Damien and I had to see his doctor on Saturday morning for his monthly appointment, so sleeping late was out. When I fetched Damien from aftercare he was watching a Happy Rotter movie and asked if we could take it out on video coz he wanted to see it again. I said ok- I thought a movie might be nice since there’s not much on TV- but when we got to the video shop all the Happy Rotter movies were still amongst the new and latest releases* which are just a wee bit too pricy for me at twenty bucks a pop. So we went with Peter Pan (and BTW- the kid who played Peter is Jeremy Sumpter, and wow- if he were twenty years older he would be soooo sumptuously yummy (how d’you like my word play? Teehee)* maybe it was just me- but he also seemed very aware of himself and how “tasty” he comes across too, anyone else seen it? Agree, disagree?) We also got Scooby Doo 2 (and this was surprisingly funny). And The Bourne Identity* this is where I fell asleep* so I watched it on Sunday instead. It was brilliant. Our trip to Damien’s doctor started at 9h20 on Saturday morning, our appointment was for 10h15. We arrived about five minutes early, and then waited for a further forty five minutes! As a result we got home at about noon. I asked him about Damien’s (currently mild) insomnia, which improved a little after the coffee incident, but he is still lying awake until nearly ten at night, bedtime is at 20h30. He suggested moving Damien’s afternoon Ritalin dose to two o’clock instead of three because his Donner (spelling?) chart results were good and there doesn’t seem to be any problem emotionally… well- not so far* so we’ll try it and see what happens. And then when I told my mom about our visit- she suggested maybe just letting him stay awake, that maybe he’s like me. I hadn’t even thought about it. I have never needed a lot of sleep, my average bedtime is about eleven and I am awake again at five. I don’t have problems sleeping (I’m one of those people who can sleep anywhere!) and on weekends I love lying in bed till all hours of the afternoon. Since his “minimal” sleeping doesn’t seem to have affected his school work- yet- we’ll see how it goes. I forgot to ask his doctor about his nosebleeds though. Dunno if I’ve mentioned it before- Damien’s nose bleeds quite often and at all times of day and night. Saturday night we watched In The Army Now which was on TV and that Damien wanted to watch. I love watching Damien watch a funny movie- his giggle is contagious and when something is really funny- he screws up his nose and eyes and you can see nearly all his teeth! On Sunday, our entire congregation had shipped of somewhere else for church so I decided to misbehave and sleep in- you know, to make up for Saturday! My folks came for tea on Sunday afternoon and apart from a load of washing I didn’t do much else. Oh, and Damien was very impressed with the fact that his flytrap is healthy and going to flower! It seems to be growing another flower stalk too* however, what I did find about flytrap flowers on the internet suggested cutting the flower stalk off because the plant gets weak while the seeds mature. I want to do a little more checking before I do anything drastic. I hope you all had a lekker weekend, mine was so relaxed it felt like a long one!