I Received This On Email…

*and had a good giggle. Just change a few numbers (like a LOT less holiday days) and you can apply it to a regular work day! I wonder what my boss will say*
My son and I had an argument this morning that ran as follows: he sleeps for 8 hours a day (which is 122 days in a year); meals take more or less 2 hours a day (31 days a year); weekends take up 104 days in a year. The school holidays are (let’s say, effectively) 70 weekdays a year; add to that a fair recreational allowance of 2 hours a day also accounts for 31 days a year. That totals 348 days in a year, and on this basis, the maximum time he reckons he can make available for school is 17 days. The problem is…. what’s the flaw with his thinking?

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