What A Week

Isn’t it weird how sometimes all the things you need to do fall in one week! Monday night was the second last session of the parenting course I’ve been doing, Tuesday I was home and watched TAR. Last night (Wednesday) was house church which ended MUCH later than usual because one of our members has just returned from a four week business trip to Marion Island and we spent the evening talking about her trip and looking at photos. Tonight (Thursday) it’s parents evening* at Damien’s school. He’s done so much better at the private school than he did at the government school- it’s been so worth going without food. Ahem, kidding, the school fees are high- but of course we eat, I have the over worked bathroom scale and unopened diet drinks to prove it. At the other school I used to get formal invitations to PLEASE MAKE SURE I ATTENDED PARENTS EVENING AT THE TIME RESERVED JUST FOR ME every term (yup- I got to jump the queue and everything)* you could almost feel the teacher’s desperation oozing off the note! Now at his new school, I can’t shake the feeling that the teacher’s going to sit me down- and once again- ask me what we’re going to do about Damien. It didn’t happen last year and I have no reason to expect it this year- but those two little words “parents evening” still conjure up cold sweats and butterflies for me. Tomorrow night (Friday) is the school fund
raiser- Bingo night. Damien, my parents and I are going to support the effort and play a little BINGO so it’s another night “away” from home for us. Saturday I hope will be rustig** so I can get some washing done and do some reading, and on Sunday the whole family’s going to my little sister C’s new place for lunch. I must tell you about her newest adventure soon.
*parent teacher conference night to the non souff effrikuns out there
**peaceful, relaxed

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  1. I get my invitation for parents evening re Liam EVERY term. :o(

    Now… Mrs… what do you suggest we do with Liam?

    I always feel like saying “how am I suppose to know?”

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