Have You Ever

Had someone dislike you intensely, simply because of what you do for a living? Someone who has never been introduced to you or greeted you- not even in the polite fashion people use when passing in the passages and not really knowing each other- a nod or a smile. I have reached the conclusion that most people hold consultants in the same regard as they do lawyers! This man in particular will not even acknowledge my presence and if I happen to be coming out of one door and he’s coming in- I’m half afraid he’s going to swear at me or something. I’ve never known anything like this in my life before! It makes life more than a little unpleasant for me I must admit. He’s a lot taller than me too so he literally looks over my head like I’m not even there! If we’d had a fight or an argument or a disagreement or something then I’d say “hey- so be it.” but there’s been absolutely nothing. It’s really weird! And all because I’m a consultant! Have you ever?!?

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2 Responses to Have You Ever

  1. Tatiana says:

    If it bothers you, then maybe ask him what is his problem…
    Otherwise ignore!!!

  2. spookie says:

    I cant say I’ve been disliked for what I do for a living, but I am disliked because I am a christian, but hey, what can you do, just love the hell out of them!!