It’s Been Bugging Me

I made another really big decision today. I’m so grown up sometimes! I have located a recommended psychologist for Damien and I to go to. Our first appointment is on October 10th. We obviously both have issues and I think maybe we need to speak to a pro. Maybe he even says we don’t need him. Damien isn’t mad about the idea but we discussed it at length the other day and I said I would try to find someone we could both talk to. I also explained that if necessary he could speak to the man alone and that I would not be privy to what he said. Hope that’s not going to come back and bite me! Oh, you see- I’m doing it again! What I’m afraid of is us turning into people who cannot survive without a shrink.
Ideally I would like someone to give us some workable solutions and then let us be on our way.
I wonder if that’s even possible.

1 thought on “It’s Been Bugging Me

  1. Surely you can trust yourself sometimes with big decisions. And who is perfect anyway? Mr Shrink? Do not think so…

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