Nearly Forgot My Big News

LOL! Kidding, news yes- but not big- I coloured my hair again on Saturday morning. My steadily increasing gray hairs were really starting to get to me. It’s now a lovely dark red- a darker red than I’ve ever tried before and I really like it- I usually pick an auburn colour. I’m feeling good and I love the new colour- I even put mousse in this morning to hold my fabulous curls doll!

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One Response to Nearly Forgot My Big News

  1. spookie says:

    Your greys still haven’t caught up to mine. You know it’s bad when your children start pointing out how grey you are – even at the dinner table! Even our mother noticed it on Sunday – boy was she shocked! I HAVE TO! HAVE TO! HAVE TO! colour my hair every month now or it looks bad, but I have decided that when it gets to grey to make brown or auburn – I will go blond!!! My eyebrows and eyelashes are all fair enough to do so.