Heat Warning

Is this a first for us? This morning on the radio they actually warned that this summer was going to be particularly hot and we must be careful of heat related illness and injury. Like making sure we drink lots and lots of water and keeping out of the sun around midday and such. I’m sure it’s the first time I’ve heard a warning like that unless there’s a heat wave “on the go” like we’ve had once or twice. I’ve never heard a general warning like this one. I am more than a little strange in that I am a Souff Effrikun who dislikes the heat, and swimming. I have never particularly liked either one, and I have a very fair skin so any time in the sun- without slathered on factor 30 sun-block, long sleeves and a hat- results in the very unattractive “lobster” look shortly followed by an extended “moulting lizard” look. My son on the other hand has always been a water baby, and thankfully inherited his father’s beautiful dark skin. He loves swimming and sunshine. I was so glad when he learned how to swim ‘coz then I could again hide under the nearest tree/roof/umbrella! I have always used sun-block on him and we always stick to the rule of no swimming between 11am and 3pm. And when he was still young enough to think I knew better, I made him wear one of those one piece swimming suits- you know the ones with the UV protection? I think they are really nice, but board shorts are the cool thing to wear and he has several pairs. Maybe we should start a campaign to make the one piece suits the cool thing to wear. What say you? What do your kids swim in?
Frankly- I think SA is a little behind the times, Australia has had a sun protection campaign for years and I don’t think their climate is much hotter than ours. And our summers are much, much hotter than they were when we were kids. I clearly remember watching the weather when I was in primary school and being shocked when the temperature hit 30 in summer. Now we only really worry when it hits thirty five. Even our winters are warmer than they used to be, and it’s not all that gradual either. This year’s really early morning winter temperatures rarely dipped below zero in Pretoria, whereas last year we had at least a couple of weeks where the temperatures was regularly below zero. Am I remembering all wrong?

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  1. It is starting to get cold out here now, and by the end of the month, the snow will surely come. Are you just starting summer in SA? I am not to smart with this weather stuff.

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