A Sad State Of Affairs

What is absolute proof (to me at least) that society in general is on a downward spiral?
The TV programme “cheaters”…
Anyone ever seen it? Its where people phone this TV programme and say they think their partner is cheating on them. The producers and some private detectives- cameras in tow- follow the suspected partner around for a few days and when they have enough (and often very explicit) evidence- they return to the suspicious partner and actually show them the evidence. The show’s producers then stage a meet while the suspected partner is with his “other” and then proceed to encourage argument between them. They don’t just video the confrontation- they throw in their two cents worth to keep the “conversation” going. I think it’s sad. Sad, sad, sad.

One thought on “A Sad State Of Affairs

  1. I make a point of not* watching shows like that – I find them highly distasteful and an insult to my intelligence. It is very poor t.v.

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