Because I Just KNOW You All Wanna Know!

Our weekend was okay. I am completely and totally broke and my car is playing up so we didn’t go anywhere (I get palpitations just thinking about driving anywhere!). AND my hay fever meds are finished so I’m sneezing like a mad thing. Is it normal for your arm to hurt when you’re having a sneezing fit? Friday evening was spent tidying up and doing dishes and such in preparation for Saturday’s visitors, and then we watched TV- “Pushing Tin” was on and it was pretty good. Saturday morning I took my car in for two new tyres and four new shocks. Damien and I took a stroll to the nearest shopping centre while they were busy, but with no money it was exceptionally dismal! We went back and played spider solitaire on my laptop. On Saturday night it was our monthly ladies movie club night, and we were a VERY small group that night. We were so sleepy we only managed to get through “Road To El Dorado” and halfway through “All The Pretty Horses” before falling asleep! Shameful! B stayed over at my place and on Sunday morning I drove her to her church. Then when I arrived at my Gran’s to pick her up she wasn’t ready- I didn’t phone last night to tell her I’d be fetching her! So we went home i.s.o. to church (bad angel!) and I did washing instead. Unfortunately we have no evening service at our church currently so we couldn’t even make up for it! Gran took Damien and I to the Wimpy for lunch (local fast food place- for my many overseas readers who won’t know- LOL)! That was a real treat and such a lekker surprise. After I took Gran home, Damien played with my folk’s dog (folks on holiday) while Gran and I visited a little. And because it was so goldarned hot, the morning’s washing was already dry so I did another load of washing! I was so proud of me! Sunday afternoon was also the second A1 race- very disappointing for Team SA. The Japanese F1 was on TV this morning but with no satellite dish I had to record the rerun. I watched it last night- brilliant, several hair raising moments. And Damien sitting next to me on the couch, asking how on EARTH I could get so excited over something like motor racing!?!? I could only smile in the knowing way us F1 fans have!