Our Weekend Was OK

Just okay… it could have been better all things considered. On Friday- I got a phone call from some very dear friends of mine to let me know they are having twins! She told me about a week ago that they were expecting kidlet #2 and since it was such a battle for them to have kidlet #1 (5 years, 3 miscarriages, and all but giving up), they were very excited at the LACK of battling this time round… and then- twins! They are non-identical, they each have their own sac and placenta- I was speechless with laughter and tears! They are so thrilled- now I have to go and double up on the shopping I’ve already done… LOL. Any tips for fabulous gifts for twins that are only due on May?
Saturday morning I spent doing washing and dishes and general housework, and Damien spent Saturday morning arguing with me about why he should tidy his room.
Saturday afternoon we were s’posed to go to sister B for supper and a video, but then my folks fetched her and the boys so we went to the parents first. They supplied ice cream, coffee and cookies- YAY! After that we went to sister B’s place where the boys had a swim while B and I watched. There was rugby was on at the time- and since we’re both Bulls fans we switched on the TV to watch the remainder of the game when the boys had done swimming. Then the signal died! Oh horror of horrors- we were subjected to phoning the dad every few minutes to hear what had happened. The Bulls won, but we didn’t see it happen. Supper was yummy- chicken, peas and potatoes, and then we watched “I Am David” which was interesting ‘coz I’ve read the book. While we ate and watched the movie, Damien spent the evening in the bathroom. On his own. Because at one stage I went outside to check on where the boys were playing and Damien had a collection of stuff with him that he wasn’t supposed to have. And he knows he’s not supposed to have it too. I took all the toys away and he had to go to the bathroom. I had every intention of cutting our evening short and going home- but we hadn’t eaten yet and B had already started cooking, and frankly I’m tired of “being punished” every time I have to punish him. So I decided instead to leave him in the bathroom with nothing to do and no one to talk to.
Sunday morning was church- picked up granny and we both were surprised at the number of cars outside our church, and found out when we went in that there were seven christenings happening! All the extra cars belonged to visiting family and godparents and such- we got out of church round noon! I enjoyed it never the less, I really like our new rector. After church I went home and did another load of washing, then we went to see my bestest best friend for the afternoon. We literally lazed around doing nothing while Damien played with their 6 two week old golden lab puppies. Then we braaied for
supper. She and her eldest son leave for Las Vegas in about a week so he can take part in a massive karate competition there. You can imagine how proud we are of him.
I didn’t sleep much this weekend- that’s why I say it was just OK. My hay fever was driving me insane so between sneezing, conjunctivitis and asthma I was awake on an off every night… so today I feel like I’m starring in “attack of the half awake killer zombie mommies” or something… hope no one else notices!