Blue Food!?!

Yesterday I was reading, I love this blog- his candidness and honesty is refreshing, and he’s funny to boot! He wondered why there is no blue food. It got me thinking about it too. Apart from sweets (and even chocolate looks weird when it’s blue), no edible substance is blue in its “natural” form. And blue is a primary colour- you get lots of red food and lots of yellow food, but not blue. Then I went to another site that I like-– where people play around with photographs and I found this picture… now admit it- would you eat this? I don’t know if I would. A couple of guys who work with me have actually experimented with food colours that are not normal, and according to them- people cannot bring themselves to eat something that’s the “wrong colour”. Its different for everyone- some people gag, some people convince themselves that it tastes different, and some cannot even put it in their mouth! These two guys have extended a challenge of sorts- one of them has offered to make me some blue pancakes tomorrow so I can see how I react. I’ll let you know…
Oh, and if anyone has some kind of scientific explanation- feel free to share.

4 thoughts on “Blue Food!?!

  1. I actually quite like blue pancakes 🙂

    And anyway, there’s blueberries, which are kinda bluey purple and they are DELICIOUS.

    I think the reason no one will eat blue stuff (with the exception of blue viened cheese, or possibly that illustrates it) is becuase blue is one of the primary colours of mold, along with grey and that yukky green/blue/black mix that sometimes appears. Its probably ‘hard coded’ into our minds that nothing of that colour is ok to eat, because its so bad for us when we eat moldy stuff.
    Or I could just be full of it, who knows 😉

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