I Hate Thursdays!

And more than Thursdays I hate being bored! When I’m bored I have a tendency to eat and drink too much coffee. And when I say eat I mean anything and every thing. And right now at work I am bored. Not dreadfully so- I get little projects sporadically through the day- but I am not busy all day. It’s reached the point where I look forward to meetings because I may get something to do! Mainly because there’s stuff that needs doing that I don’t know how to do yet- and because the yoghurt shlurper I share the office with does not know enough about his job yet to keep me busy… Does anyone know where I can go to get plugged in and programmed Matrix style? The result is that my time sheets look too dreadful- I have to log everything I do so my clients can be billed, and I have to log at least 8,5 hours everyday on our computerised system. This means “empty” time as well- time my client can not be charged for. I have never liked not knowing things- I have always made it a point of learning everything so I can do things myself. Lord give me something to doooooo! PLEEEEEEEASE!

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