I Think It Was A First For Me

Last night, I think for the first time since I got it, I did NOT switch on my laptop at home. Normally I do this every night after supper- then I read and reply to my emails which I downloaded at work (can’t sit and read them at the office ‘coz they also want to go home*) Then I also write a little and read anything I might have saved during the day with the intention of reading it later. And I play a game or two* whatever takes my fancy. But since we only walked in the door after seven, and with cats to feed and school bags to prepare I figured that if I switched on my laptop I’d get nothing done and I’d get to bed late! Is this progress? Some would say yes- since it implies I have a small inkling of self control* Yesterday Damien finished gymnastics at 6pm, and since we were both tired and hungry we went to Wimpy for supper. I had steak, egg & chips and Damien had a burger. We shared a waffle and cream for pudding. It was a real treat coz I can’t remember when last we had money to go out to eat! I WAS horribly bored yesterday- but I won two prizes from Appletiser which helped a little to brighten my mood- I won a haircut (unfortunately no salons near me are redeeming the prize so I’ve got to make a plan) and I won a “two for one” meal that I can claim from several restaurants that are close to me!
My bestest best friend is in Las Vegas with one of my three godsons. He is taking part in a karate tournament there. She seems to be having a jol and I so wish I could be there with her. They left here on Monday night 8pm SA time, and arrived in Las Vegas 2am Wednesday SA time, but Las Vegas time it was Tuesday 5pm! Boggles the mind! This is where jetlag sets in- it’s probably the longest Tuesday of their lives!! I am so proud of my godson- he has done so well! And G has already tried the slot machines in Vegas and she won! That makes their trip a little easier ‘coz they spent several months collecting money to pay for the whole trip- the visas and passports alone cost a fortune! It only occurred to me the day they left (I was sick with a tummy bug and couldn’t even say goodbye at the airport) that I might have been able to rig up a “paypal” button to help with the fundraising! Ook maar lekker dof nê!

2 thoughts on “I Think It Was A First For Me

  1. Like SSSSSOOOOO jealous of G. My friend also went to vegas and did a whole 10 day road trip of that whole part of the US, vegas colorado, grand canyon, hoover dam, the ET highway – etc etc. Wish it were me. But I do believe that I will be traveling the world one day for the Lord – very exciting.

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