Total Abject Misery, Poor Damien

For the first time since we started picking teams in Survivor, Damien’s tribe has done horribly badly- in fact- we’ve NEVER seen a tribe do as badly as Ulong has. It’s the first time ever a tribe has been down to two members before they’ve even merged! Usually Damien’s team is the stronger one and most of the winners have come from his tribe choices too- doesn’t look like much chance of that this time round.

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2 Responses to Total Abject Misery, Poor Damien

  1. spookie says:

    na na na na na!!! My team is also the other team and my favourite is definitely Tom the shark slayer!!!

  2. Melany says:

    Oh shame. That poor tribe. I’m so glad I voted for the other team right from the start LOL