I Just LOVE Horses

To me they are the most exquisite creation on earth (second place goes to a beautiful car), and watching a horse galloping actually gives me a lump in my throat and can even bring tears to my eyes! Mine and B’s love of horses was so “extreme” that for as long as I can remember we even pretended we were horses, and everywhere we went we made the requisite horsy sounds. My mom says the teachers at our nursery school actually asked her once if we were maybe a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic! I drew horses on everything and I dreamed of owning them one day and being able to ride whenever I wanted to. And any toy horse was just the best- I fantasized about owning every toy on the market that was horse related- from Barbie horses to miniatures! Sadly- and often even with meds- my hayfever goes insane if I go anywhere near a horse and I end up looking like a swarm of bees has attacked me- swollen and watering eyes; lumps and bumps ALL over my face; sneezing; wheezing; coughing. For this unfortunate reason, my contact with horses has been severely limited. And then yesterday morning- I was VERY pleasantly surprised on the way to work buy the sight of two GORGEOUS Friesian horses! And then I saw two more! I was all but squealing with excitement! My top three favourite horse breeds are the Arab, Appaloosa and Friesian! The security company that patrols our business area has invested in four of these beauties and I now see all four of them daily! Fabulous! I have to keep myself very tightly reined (’scuse the pun) not to pull over and ask for a ride and pet them and love them and talk to them!

2 thoughts on “I Just LOVE Horses

  1. Sounds like you work around Centurion? On my way out in the morning and in the afternoon I observe these black beauties… Gorgeous creatures!

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