Sibling Supper

Here’s the concept and the reasoning behind it: since my siblings (B, C & G) are all married or living with someone- and B and G also have children- Christmas is inevitably now to be shared with us and their in-laws, which means no more big family Christmases like we had when we were kids. And there is a strong possibility every year that we won’t all be together on Christmas day. My idea was to have an annual “Sibling Supper”. It’s just the four of us- no kids and no significant other, and each year one of us hosts it and decorates a dinner table, and we each contribute something different to the meal (alternately supplying the meat, veggies, dessert or salad). Then a few years ago I read a Steven King book about a guy who could not go into the sun or even strong light- I think it was called “Fear Nothing” but I’m not too sure. Anyway, the main character in the story had a friend who was a night owl and the two of them would give each other the ugliest and most impractical gifts they could find for Christmas and birthdays. It was a long standing competition with them. So- this year is to be our fourth sibling supper, and a couple of years ago we added something extra- the kitch gift- I got the idea from the book! A while back we decided that because we are a big family Christmas can get horribly expensive- so we no longer buy Christmas presents for each other, we only buy for the kids and for our partners. So for our sibling supper, each of us buys one gift- the ugliest, kakkest, kitchest, corniest thing we can find, and then we pull names from a hat to decide who gets which gift. It’s turned into a huge competition with us shopping months in advance and keeping it a huge secret! It doesn’t matter how much you spend either. The rules state that your gift has to be on display in your house at all times and if it gets broken it has to be mended! Last year B ended up with a hideous glass vase with a massive glass flower on the front of it and the year before it was a molded wine bottle holder- complete with grapes and ladybugs! Last year C got a huge painted porcelain rooster, and the year before it was a couple of wooden sculptures (that she actually kinda liked). Last year G was furnished with a yellow crocheted toilet seat, lid and roll holder and the year before he got a wood and brass candleholder shaped like two ships steering wheels! Last year I got a musical light up plastic thing with two dollies that dance around in a circle and then kiss each other before dancing away again, and the year before I got a singing Christmas stocking with two moose heads sticking out of a pocket on the side! C won the “prize” the year she supplied the molded wine bottle holder and B won last year for supplying the crocheted toilet decorations! The idea seems to have inspired my dad and his siblings too- since they now get together once a month for lunch or breakfast. I must be honest- the whole idea was and is purely selfish on my part because I didn’t want to lose out on Christmas with my siblings- but we do have fun- we reminisce, laugh and giggle and we’re usually home before 11! As soon as I can find them I’ll try and post pictures of last year’s gifts!

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