Today- My Endlessly Fascinating Mind Has Come Up With The Question Of

What to do when replying to a letter or email (or any form of communication for that matter) from someone you have never met or spoken to. Is it polite to address them the way they signed it? For example- I sign everything “Angel” and sometimes I include my surname as well. I don’t supply a title, not for any specific reason, I just never have, and I like my name. I would expect people to use “Angel” when replying. It’s the same if I’m introduced to someone, if he is introduced to me as “Mr. Whatsit”, then that is how I will address him, unless he tells me otherwise. If someone is introduced to me as “Clever Whozit”, then I assume I can call them “Clever”. I don’t attach a title like miss, mister or sir for fear of using the wrong one. I mean, I am a Miss. I have never been married. But because I am a mommy most people assume that I must then be a “Mrs”. And when people do address me as “Mrs” I correct them, I can tell they’re flustered- sometimes even embarrassed- but what must I do? Ignore it? If I correct them further down the line, they will then wonder why I didn’t do it in the first place- right? Should I start including a title in my signature? Maybe I should introduce myself as “Mizz Angel Beeblebrox” and then always insist on the “Mizz” always being included- like you see on sitcoms* what is a Mizz by the way? If it’s a specific title for divorcés or widows then obviously I can’t use it. I dunno, what’s PC? What do you do?

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  1. I personally don’t like titles. I detest it when someone introduces himself as Mr. Smith. What?! Did his mother name him Mr? I just don’t get.

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