And As For Our Weekend

It could have been better, but could have been a lot worse! On Friday night Damien and I got a couple of videos- we wanted “Star Wars III” and “Robots” but the video shop I like is no longer buying new releases on video- only on DVD, so we settled on “Daddy Daycare” and “Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban”. Saturday morning was our church ladies breakfast so I again didn’t get to sleep late. The breakfast was good fun though, and the food was great! I think we left around 11am. Damien begged me to let him stay home alone while I went to the breakfast- I haven’t let him stay home alone in a long time and he swore he’d behave and even promised to do the dishes! After the breakfast, my mom invited us to go shopping with her, so I phoned home to see if Damien was ready and he said no, he hadn’t done anything! In three hours he had not done the dishes or tidied his room! So much for his promises- AGAIN! So I said no to my mom and went home to do dishes and washing and so on. As I was driving home I remembered I still had to fetch my Kyalami tickets for Damien and I to go to the F1 Masters race on the Sunday- we had a picnic lunch planned and we were going to leave early and everything (last years F1X2 was a disaster and we didn’t even get in, this year we were going to make up for it). We fetched the tickets; chatted to the friend who organises them for me for a while; and then went home. Then B phoned and I said we may pop in later in the afternoon after I had done some dishes and washing and the like. You see, the volcano had not yet erupted so I was still merrily making plans. Then while I was tidying up I discovered that during the preceding week Damien had eaten ALL the jelly powder I bought when I did groceries! So on top of his room STILL being a mess, his not doing the dishes like he said he would, he had been helping himself to MY things! AGAIN! I flipped (severe understatement). I cancelled our trip to Kyalami and our visit to B and the boys. Then I phoned my mom. In tears. AGAIN (thanx ma, love you THIIIIIIIS much). I know my mom doesn’t know what to say- and I don’t expect her to- I just need someone to rant to every now and then, and my mom and dad ALWAYS listen! Oh the joy of raising an “adder”! I think I would have had to be committed long ago if it wasn’t for them and at that moment I could have committed murder with a smile on my face! My mom said I should still go to Kyalami anyway. Take some “me time”; leave Damien with her and take someone else with me. So I used a lifeline and phoned a friend of mine. She was all for it and quickly roped her husband into having her kids for the day. We left her house at 7:30am- but it proved to be not early enough! Because of last year’s disaster when Kyalami hosted the F1X2, this year they had blocked off the roads so first of all we had to find a road that would let us in, and then, as far as I could tell were only allowing VIP ticket holders into the main gate. Last year Damien and I sat in sight of the entrance for two hours and were then told we couldn’t go in- even with VIP tickets- the nearest parking was a kilometer away and getting to the company boma we had tickets for was another kilometer, and we had already missed lunch- so we left. Damien was bitterly disappointed last year and was looking forward to going this year. Anyhoo, my friend and I had a nice day all in all, albeit scorching hot and a little uncomfortable (we were ill equipped and had to “borrow” other people’s shade by sitting on the edge of their gazebos) apart from food and water! We saw Ferraris, Lamborghini’s and Porsches “racing”. We saw a couple of Harley Davidson parades, a Buell Stunt team rider and the F1X2 race. And best of all, we saw the F1 GP Masters race which I loved because I honestly never thought I’d see the likes of Ricardo Patrese, Andrea de Cesaris, Nigel Mansell and Emmerson Fittipaldi (to mention but a few) racing live! I grew up with these names and since they’ve all retired- yesterday was a real treat coz I NEVER thought I’d see them live! And then another surprise was Murray Walker actually coming out of retirement to commentate on the Masters race! “The Voice” says he’s turned down lots of offers to come out of retirement but could not resist the Masters! Then when I took my friend home that afternoon we were talking about her husbands recent business trip to Germany (he went to Nurburgring) and the GT40’s he builds and exports. And since he’s built several and I had not yet had a ride, he took me for a spin in the newly finished one! And he can drive too- so it was just a little taste of the power in these cars! It was a fabulous way to end the day I think. Damien was still miserable when I fetched him but he knows better than to sulk for too long. I try hard to put any arguments we’ve had behind us and not to stew on them, so we can at least be nice to each other and go to bed relatively happy. I am going to book his bus ticket this week for December so he can go to the farm for a couple of weeks and we can both have a break.

3 thoughts on “And As For Our Weekend

  1. well c, it’s not like he’s grounded ALL the time you know. i ask him at least once a week to remember to make a playdate with someone from school- i am more than willing to drop him off and fetch him- he just doesn’t…. it would seem he’s quite happy to stay home and do his own thing. his one concession is taing his bike and visiting the table war games studio nearby on saturday mornings.

  2. I know you are going to be seriously annoyed at me, but here it goes.
    I think he needs to do more boy teenage things… like go visit friends, go to the mall with some mates just to walk around, socialise with other people, he only see’s you and us. He never goes to play at some one’s house, he never has that independence, remember when you were a kid, visiting around, DOING things.
    I dont know, just my opinion.

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