Googling My Needs!

I found this yesterday on The Other Side Of The Mountain- thanx Kyknoord ! This was hysterical and now half the people I work with are doing it too! I think I may start using it like an alternative horoscope- this might even be accurate… what you do is go to (Google- you know?) and type in your name and the word need in inverted commas, like so: “angel needs” and then just hit enter!
GOOGLE “angel needs”
1. a ride…
2. a conscience.
3. to be hired
4. to be positioned on the dashboard of the vehicle in order to do this.
5. commitment and stability.
6. and demands, a lot of positive attention …
7. a loving, caring, one or two parent home.
GOOGLE “damien needs”
1. to pee right now.
2. to get a better machine.
3. in addition to being independent, smart, and resourceful.
4. … impaired short term memory.
5. to increase his steroids because of stress.
6. a high fence.
7. to be willing to be involved in any counseling, medical appointments and therapy
8. to put his foot down and stop record company executives ripping the heart out of his songs just to make them more commercially viable.
9. to be derailed off death row
10. more than sympathizers and poetry.
I think I’m going to try it again tomorrow with the word “wants”, and then “loves” and then maybe even “craves” or something!

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  1. I look forward to seeing you on the dashboard while Damien gives those record company execs hell.

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