About Damien…

Last evening when we got home after gymnastics he suddenly got all energetic when he realised today is Friday- tuck money day! He only gets the money he has earned for each sticker (50c a sticker) on his sticker chart, so last night he got himself into quite a lather so he could at least earn ALL of yesterday’s stickers- even though he’s missed a few through the week! He did quite well- his chart is worth R15 a week with a R5 bonus if he gets all his stickers- and for today he earned R12.50!
This little conversation made me think of the poem “How do I love thee”. I smiled when Damien said to me: “D’you know why I love you, mommy?” I shook my head and said: “Tell me” and he replied: “Because you know exactly the right amount of marmite to put on my sarmies!” My baby can be so sweet sometimes!
And then there’s the scary stuff! Yesterday I had to fetch Damien from school ‘coz his lift was having car trouble. I arrived a little early and I was watching the other parents arrive to collect their kidlets, and watching the younger kids play while they waited for their parents or lifts. I got out of the car and stood under a tree ‘coz it was cooler in the shade. Then I realised that Damien only has 10 days left of his primary school career (not counting the last day of school ‘coz they won’t really do much)! Oh I feel so old!