Damien Getting Confirmed

“When he’s ready” is my point of view. My granny has hinted to me twice this year that maybe Damien should be going to confirmation next year. I was a little puzzled as to why she had, um; let’s just call it an “issue” shall we; with Damien’s confirmation. See, I was raised Presbyterian and I was confirmed when I was 16, about halfway through high school. I figured Damien would probably do the same. A big difference here is that I grew up in and with the church- and my confirmation was simply the next logical step for me. Apparently Anglicans do it earlier, and THAT’S why my granny was hinting that its time Damien get confirmed. So- I am no longer miffed at Granny since I understand where she was coming from. But I also know that Damien will probably NOT be confirmed next year (or the year after rather, since our church’s confirmation course spans two years). You see, I seriously neglected Damien’s Christian education when he was growing up. He only really started going to church regularly about a year ago and he has a lot to learn. I took a lot for granted when we started going back to church and I felt really bad- and I mean REALLY, REALLY bad, like he’d hit me over the back of the head with his bible- when Damien drew my attention to the fact that he did not know there were two sections to the bible (i.e. the new and old testament), that he had no idea how it worked, how to look up a verse- let alone interpret it in any way. And he felt stupid sitting in Sunday school not knowing things that even the younger kids seemed to know and understand. We started doing our morning bible study at about the same time as we started going back to church, but there’s no way I can cram everything I learned to do in twenty odd years into Damien’s head in a couple of years. And there is absolutely NO way I’m going to push him to do a confirmation course if he doesn’t feel he’s ready for it. At the moment- I wish I could inspire him somehow, to encourage him to want to learn more. I don’t know how to describe to him what it feels like to have God talk to you. I don’t know how to describe to him what it feels like to have a prayer answered. He has “seen” how we have had prayers answered, but I think that to him its still coincidence. So that’s a big part of my parenting mission right now- somehow inspiring my child to want to be a Christian in his own right.