Our Weekend Was Kinda Entertaining

Saturday night was the highlight for me- we had our movie club “year end” outing. We dressed up real snazzy and went to see “The 40 Year Old Virgin” on the big screen, which- despite a lot of slapstick (which I intensely dislike) and atrocious (yet hilariously appropriate) language- we thoroughly enjoyed! It fully deserves its 16 age restriction, but it is truly funny! Afterwards we went to a bar right next to the movie house and we each had a cosmopolitan a’la SATC! I never knew a cosmopolitan was so yummy- in fact dangerously cold drink like! We may have even stayed out much later, but mine and sister B’s boys all went to her MIL ‘coz her hubby was working! We had a wonderful evening- and we’re all looking forward to starting again at the end of January!
Friday night was a quiet stay-at-home-night. After the week I had I felt like I hadn’t slept in a week! Nevertheless, I stayed up and watched “Pearl Harbour” ‘coz I haven’t seen it. Damien went to bed. It rained all of Friday night- I just love that lovely gentle soaking rain that doesn’t really have any accompanying thunder or lightning.
Saturday morning I went and had toast and tea with my mom while my dad was at work and then went home to do housework and washing. Can’t you just FEEL the excitement here people!?! Teehee! Saturday afternoon would have been the Sunday school Christmas party- but Damien opted out of it. I’m not sure why though- he didn’t miss that much Sunday school this year and he knows the kids and teachers. I put it down to his age… I believe I already mentioned Saturday night!
Sunday morning was church as usual, and the Sunday school Christmas concert (which Damien also opted out of a while ago). Thanx to the concert we only got out of church at nearly noon- but if we had come out earlier- we wouldn’t have seen the Ferrari! It passed us on the way home- a beautiful sleek red f355- Damien and I nearly deafened poor granny with our shrieks of excitement! Sunday was a braai at my mom and dad’s place with sister B, her significant other, brother G, his family and Damien and I- and as we finished eating it started raining and we spent the rest of the afternoon watching “Outlaw Josie Wales” on DVD. All in all it was a nice peaceful weekend and last night we were both in bed by 9!

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