Our Weekend Was

Fairly hectic. Friday night I was going to put up our Christmas tree since we didn’t get to it on December 1st like we usually do, but we both went to bed early. Friday afternoon I stopped at the cell phone place to renew Damien’s contract and get his new phone, but they didn’t have stock of the one he wanted. They said they’d have it for us by 6pm- but with no money I didn’t want to hang around the mall all evening. I told Damien we’d go back in the morning. Saturday morning I was awake at 7am- I no longer sleep late because if I’m not up- Damien gets up to mischief! I did dishes and a load of washing, and then we went to the mall- they had not had the phone delivered! I was miffed at wasting a trip and Damien was disappointed at not getting his new toy. After that we made our way to Damien’s doctor for our monthly appointment (which is about a 40 minute drive as is) and we got stuck in traffic! I phoned the doc and said we were coming but would be late- and the receptionist said it was cool and not to worry. All in all we arrived 5 minutes late, which I didn’t think was too bad- but he only called us in an hour later! An hour people! Which meant- of course- that we only left there at nearly noon! My mom had made plans to have the four older grandsons from 11 to 5 for a Christmas party but poor Damien arrived quite late. I dropped him off at my mom so he could party with his cousins, and then I went to sister B to watch “Madagascar” with her and her hubby. It’s a very funny movie- the lemur king is hysterical. After that I went home and took my time getting ready for my year end function. Bathed, shaved, washed and blow dried my hair, did my face, got dressed. It was nice and relaxing. Then I grabbed Damien’s (luckily) already packed (and nearly forgotten) bags and dropped them of at my mom’s so he could spend the night, collected B’s boys and took them to her place to pick her up for my year end function. We drove for quite a while to get there- it’s a long way out and very, very larny (read- expensive, like 13 bux for a beer!). Here’s what I ate. For my starter I had the ostrich carpaccio topped with pickled ginger and wasabi paste- surprisingly easy on the tongue. For my main course I had a whole fillet of beef grilled and served with a creamy mushroom and truffle sauce, I could cut my beef with a butter knife! My dessert was panna cotta served with granadilla and berry coulis -divine. Sister B chose for a starter, vine ripened tomato, buffalo mozzarella and crisp potato salad with a basil pesto and balsamic dressing- she said she couldn’t find any potato salad though. For her main course, she had a fillet of kingklip wrapped in streaky bacon topped with a tiger prawn on a warm nicoise salad with a champagne soy sauce- I managed to taste the prawn by stealing a miniscule tit bit off her plate- butter couldn’t be smoother. Sister B’s dessert was amarula tiramisu with berry sorbet- which she assured me was better than my panna cotta. Our bosses very generously paid our bar tab for the first part of the evening and B got herself a bottle of wine which lasted her plenty long enough, in fact I don’t think she finished it. Unfortunately for B and I, one of our company’s little traditions is tequila- one shot- at meetings and events. B and I used to practically live on the stuff but I think we’re getting old! Am I allowed to say that B? We were home by about midnight. Oh, one of my colleagues came to me while we were all standing outside chatting and informed me that they had decided to call me “Crystal” from now on… nope- no idea! Sunday morning I slept late. Yup, I missed church again. Since there’s no Sunday school in the school holidays mom had already told me the previous afternoon that she wasn’t going and I didn’t set my alarm for it. Either that or I slept through it! When I eventually awoke I got up and did another load of washing and then my mom invited me to join her and Damien for coffee in the little mall across the street. That woke me up. Then Damien and I went home, put away the clean washing, hung up the newest load as it came out of the machine, and then went to the mall to fetch his new cell phone (they had finally had it delivered)! Damien was very excited. Then on the way home we got “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory” on DVD, watched it on my laptop, and then went to go and see my brother’s new place. They were still unpacking boxes so we made ourselves useful for a bit. It’s a really nice place- a two bedroom cottage with a laundry, massive living area, nice open plan kitchen and covered patio on a property inside a gated suburb and right around the corner from sister B! Afterwards I stopped at my folks for coffee quickly and then came home. Damien’s new phone had been charging for a while and he got to playing with that until bedtime. We still haven’t put up our Christmas tree and I haven’t started packing for Damien’s bus trip yet!!

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