Damien Is Fine!

Of course he is! But I am paranoid. I have admitted it several times- and I have related several instances where my paranoia has all but driven me all but insane- so if you’re a regular reader this will not surprise you in the least! His great granny was extremely impressed with his behaviour and said I can be proud of him. He helped her when she needed it (she was a little stiff after the long trip) like on stairs and such and she says he was polite and helpful. I am so proud of my darling child. Looks like the lectures paid off- hee hee- kidding! I always underestimate Damien when it comes to things like helping his great granny by telling her how many steps there are to climb, or helping his granny in the garden, or keeping his little cousins or my friends little kids entertained. I must stop doing that! When he arrived at the farm, my aunt said the dogs recognized him instantly and they were already playing before he’s unpacked! I phoned him last night to say hello and goodnight and I love you. He was quite happy. He loves the farm. Today he is going to the poultry farm with my uncle, and he’s going fishing. When I phoned this morning (yup- just call me paranoid mama- I phone him a couple of times a day when he’s not with me) he was already playing with the dogs!

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