I’ve Lost Another Kilogram!

That’s 2.2 pounds. At least- according to my bathroom scale- which is new and matched the dietician’s scale the last time I was there. I nearly forgot to tell you about this week’s visit to the dietician- I missed it! Ridiculous? Maybe. You see, pathetic as it sounds- everything I need to do gets programmed into my phone. My phone is not only a phone- it’s my diary, birthday and anniversary reminder, cell phone, internet, email and my contact list! And on Tuesday there was so much else happening- what with work, dropping Damien and Granny S at the station, driving myself bezonkers with my paranoid fantasies about not being able to get hold of Damien, and then having my battery go flat- I had no reminder cuckooing at me from my cell phone! I felt like a right tart when I finally remembered… at ten to six! I phoned her the next morning and apologised, and she re-scheduled for me, I now go back on Monday afternoon.