Embarrassing Punishments

I heard on the radio the other day about a rather eccentric judge in the US who comes up with some very creative sentences. I forget the judge’s name, but one of his sentences was a for teenage boy: who had to sit blindfolded outside a porn shop he’d been caught shoplifting in for. My idea for an interesting punishment: the convictee must pay a person to go with him or her everywhere and shout out their crime with a megaphone, as well as introduce him or her to everyone they meet using their crime as a “title”, for example: “Hi, this is Nina, she’s a business consultant and a convicted fraudster currently working off a two year sentence”. This should apply no matter who or what the convictee is! The person’s announcer needn’t follow them around for the full run of their sentence, just long enough for them to be sufficiently embarrassed. Then, once everyone knows what they did, they will have to work doubly hard to earn everyone’s respect and trust again.

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