Our Sibling Supper Was A Huge Success

As it is every year! Here are some of the pictures: unfortunately the digital camera got left behind so these are from my phone- which is fine in a pinch but it doesn’t have a flash! Sister C found the hideous snack stand slash bowl, which da bruvva now has to (at most) use and (at least) display in his house. Also pictured is sister C’s dessert- it was fabulously decadent and very rich! Divine layers of sponge cake and chocolate with frozen strawberries! I pulled sister B’s name out of the hat- she found this exquisitely beeeeeeeeautiful hand crafted little wooden wagon replete with fake flowers and miniature ceramic shovel! Sister C ended up with da bruvva’s find- a brass etching of a zebra with a feeding foal mounted on a wooden block and hanging from what looks like a bath plug chain! Fabulous daaaaahling! Sister B pulled my name out of the hat and got the rotating-fibre-optic-light-up-thankfully-not-musical bouquet! As usual we were in hysterics and have vowed to have a video camera at the ready next year especially since our reactions when we open these gifts range from incredulity to abject horror! Sister C took the title for a second time. I am starting to worry about my taste- since this whole thing was my idea and I have yet to win the title for myself!

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