Not Much Today

Damien is having a blast on the farm. I am only phoning him once a day as much as I’d like to call him more than that! A girl friend and I went out to supper last night and then went back to her place to watch “Survivor” and “Law And Order SVU”. Then we discussed our favourite heavenly bodies and I went home. We were sorely tempted to go out somewhere and misbehave since both our boys are away, but we resisted the call of the wild in favour of being able to concentrate at work. And now I will be working late tonight to get a “switchover” finished so it can be checked tomorrow. And this morning I made myself a BEAUTIFUL wallpaper for my laptop with pictures of Eros Ramazzotti, Brad Pitt, Michael Biehn, Michael Buble, Vin Diesel and some nameless Italian dish someone emailed me pictures of. Juvenile I know- but that’s the kind of mood I am in this week! It’s not exactly conducive to me keeping my mind on my work, but I like it anyway! I want to make one this weekend with pictures of Damien. I have so much to do today- Christmas shopping, library, post office, house church- and now I’ll be at work late too! And I want to go for another tattoo this weekend- but do you think I can find a nice picture of a strawberry anywhere!? It boggles the mind! Anyhoo- back to work now.

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