Apart From NOT Getting My Tattoo

this long weekend- which REALLY disappointed me because I’ve been planning it for so long(I’m going to have it done tonight)- I did a lot of shopping, watched a lot of movies (Hostage, Madagascar, Monster In Law, Sahara… I just loooove Matthew McConaughey), did some rather pricey internet café web surfing (because my bloody phone doesn’t want to “see” my Bluetooth dongle), quite a lot of eating and some account paying. I didn’t do nearly as much housework as I should have- and I still haven’t done the big clean up I intended to do in Damien’s room while he was away. I’ve just been feeling so blaaaaaah lately. It’s December 19th and I have not yet put up my Christmas tree (which I have always done by December 1st), I have mailed no Christmas cards yet (I usually send several) and I haven’t nearly finished my Christmas shopping! I don’t want to be at home, I don’t particularly want to visit anyone or go anywhere, I don’t want to read or sleep, I don’t want to cook or eat, even shopping hasn’t been much fun (global sharp intake of breath noted). No really. So I tried to cheer myself up by joining a dating website. I did it once before, about three years ago (on the same website). It’s the usual stuff- you load a detailed profile and a picture of yourself and describe what your “ideal” match should be like. Then you kinda wait and see. I had 202 “hits” and 7 “fans” on my profile by day two. Not bad going I thought… better than last time I thought… bit of an ego boost I thought… and then I was quite incredulous at how shallow I was being when I didn’t like the look of very many of them. Isn’t that a laugh! One of my “fans” wrote me quite a long introductory letter and invited me to contact him. Then when I paid my subscription and tried to contact him he’d “blocked” me… fot the wuck is that all about? Why compliment me and tell me I must say hello and then block me? And then I discovered that one of my fans was married! What the site also does is match your profile with the other users, according to what you said you were looking for (location, age, race, etc) and give you a percentage match, obviously the higher the percentage the closer the match. So I go and look at a couple of my “matches”. Turns out not all of them are such a good match because they’re not very specific in their requirements- the matched percentage is high because they’ll take anything! Needless to say I don’t take them very seriously. I mean, would you?

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