January 5th- Ok, Now I’m Really Broke

But for a change, I actually have something to show for it! Damien has an entire new school uniform- including ties, blazer, socks, long sleeve and short sleeve shirts, long pants, shorts and new shoes. I bought all his new school stationery and art supplies. I have a new fridge, two new couches, a PS2, new curtains, throws for my new couches, Damien and I both have new comforters and sheets and I have paid off almost all my debt! I put money into Damien’s account and my savings account (for our next holiday). I also have a new tattoo, a couple of new books and a couple of CDs. I bought Damien a pair of LIZZARD tekkies and I got myself 2 pairs of POWER tekkies (they were on special and I was rather pleased with my deal). And all of that doesn’t include our Christmas and my birthday gifts. I’m even kinda excited about the rest of this year- I want to be in a ground floor place- preferably with no one above me- by June 2006 and having new couches and a new fridge are a step in the right direction I think.
I’ve had a fabulous almost two week long holiday, Damien and I have been to the movies a few times- we saw Wallace & Gromit (I slept through most of it), Narnia (brilliant, fabulous!), and Damien Kong with my parents when they were on leave and they all thoroughly enjoyed. We watched lots of videos and ate lots of junkfood!
All in all- it was a lekker holiday. And I feel like I had a break.

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