Daddy Darling

Seems to be steadily improving. Last week was the scariest week of my life. Thursday- when they found the bleeding on my dad’s brain- felt like it was never going to end. On Friday they took him into theatre to do an angiogram and if it was an aneurysm they would fill it with a platinum coil to stop the bleeding. If it was something else we would have to decide then and there what to do (the doctor was going away for a week the next day and he’s the only surgeon in our province to perform these procedures). My mom needed a witness to do the deciding and I- as the eldest sibling- offered to be said witness, with the agreement of my siblings. The surgeon explained the angiogram procedure as well as the options thereafter. The operation he would need (if it was serious) could have affected his speech and balance, he could have had a stroke on the table, or it could have been fatal. We said very tearful goodbyes and a prayer as he went into theatre and I know we all thought we’d never see him again. All the time we were sitting there I had these terrible images of me and my mom holding my dads life in our hands as we decided what to do! An hour later the surgeon called us and said it was not an aneurysm or anything that serious and further surgery would NOT be necessary. My mom and I just stood there. . . we were so stunned! As the surgeon walked away we started smiling and laughing and crying all over again! My mom then stayed with my dad in recovery and I went to tell everyone the good news.
Today he actually ate quite well. His headache is still bad, but today he had a nice bath and they washed his hair and that made him feel better (he only had sponge baths till now). They are encouraging him to sit and get out of bed because after a week of lying down his legs are very week.
Here are some of the stories my dad told while under sedation and with severe pressure on the brain from the bleeding (mostly as related by my mom). Some are things I remember.
“Some oke and I went for doughnuts a five ‘o clock this morning,” says Dad. Thinking he was being his usual funny self, I joke back, “Oh yes? Jam doughnuts I suppose!” “No,” says Dad, “The ones with the white icing on.” Still not realising how serious he is I giggle and tease some more- “And how did you get that right? Did you take the whole wall you are connected to with you?” Slightly irritated Dad replies “We took the drips and the connections off, covered them up and we drove in this other okes orange Fox to the “Doll’s House” just around the corner for doughnuts. I dunno who he is, but I know we were there ‘cos my drip hooked on the counter like this.” And he gives us a demo on his pillow. My son and I are stifling our hysterical laughter by now- the “Doll’s House” is far away not just around the corner! My poor liefie is so hurt because we do not believe him.
Dad is not looking at all good this morning and had a very bad night.
He still won’t open his eyes because of the pain in his neck and head but he mumbles to me that they did go out again last night. “The oke that gives me a bed wash took us out to the Hennops River last night to swim. It was bloody cold in the water. He took us in a fire engine type truck to the steel bridge near the bible college where we swam and then came back here.” And beware the one that Dad catches laughing at his experiences . . . needless to say I have to leave the ward to laugh out loud, even though I am so concerned about him. He always has made us all laugh so much!
Dad is still very dopey but he is looking much better. He says they went out last night again. This time he went with some oke to a club to find another oke who was causing trouble. “We had to moer him because he was making shit in the club.” And no, it was not with guy in the orange Fox – this was some other oke.
Ag my poor man is so drugged . . .
Dad is full of stories today! He says he was visiting your little sister C and her boyfriend on their plot (80km away!) just before we visited and their bloody dog Mickey would not let him go home. Sister C and boyfriend were playing Cluedo when he got there and he assured her she did not roll her car. . . (The fact that he remembers their dog’s name is unique as he is not the best at remembering any names let alone the dog’s name.)
And there is a big black cat in the ward with hair 40cm long. He tries to get onto Dad’s bed but Dad just “moers” him off (he’s always disliked the cat’s on the bed when he’s in it).
He was sedated (pain meds) and was mumbling something about a van and a farm. He doesn’t remember and I dunno what he was saying.
He asked my brother if he had stopped jumping off the roof now- as if he’d kakked him out about it a couple of times!
It was very funny and very scary! At least he’s stopped doing that now.
We’re all hoping he comes home soon.

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