What Did I Say? What Did I Just Bloody Say!?

Did I not complain- just this morning- about how this driving to the school and back is such a mission, ESPECIALLY in the afternoons. Yesterday (note- not a month ago- yesterday) when I fetched Damien, I asked him please, please, please to come straight to the gate when the final bell rings because I will be waiting there for him after school, and if he comes straight to the gate then I won’t be away from work for too long. I explained to him how it takes an hour to get to the school and back in the afternoons and it’s likely to become a problem at work very soon, and he can ease the situation by coming straight to the gate to meet me. Then today I left work at the same time as yesterday to fetch Damien. I arrived at the school about five minutes before the final bell rang. Fifteen minutes after the final bell and three unanswered calls to Damien’s phone I go to look for him. He’s standing not ten metres from me in front of the school hall with all the other little grade eights because they’re going to have a concert practice until three thirty. Where’s your phone? I ask him, and honestly it was not my intention to lose it in front of his friends and fellow pupils- but when he pulled it out of his pocket I wanted to throttle him! I didn’t yell, or scream or even touch him, but he knew I was angry- you couldn’t mistake that. I asked him why he didn’t let me know. Why didn’t he send me a text message and ask me to call him so we can make other arrangements? Why didn’t he just come down to the gate to let me know they weren’t finished. Why was his phone not simply on a vibrate mode instead of silent so he could at least have felt it when I tried to call him. I was so angry I wanted to scream! So I left, I told him he would now have to wait at the school for me until I could fetch him, and I left. When I got back on the highway to come back to work, it took me twenty minutes to drive four kilometers- why? Because there was an accident on the other side of the highway- there was no obstruction whatsoever, but every Tom, Dick and A**hole on my side of the highway had to slow down to twenty kilometers an hour to look at the pretty twinkling lights. As I get to work I send Damien a message asking him to find out if there’s anyone who can perhaps drop him off here close to me when they’re finished with practice. He called me back to let me know that one of his friends- nowhere near me- said Damien can go home with him and I can pick him up there. As I’m talking to the friend’s mom to ask if it’s okay and get directions, Damien’s phone dies! Can this get any more irritating!?!

Added on after this was posted- it got worse- when I eventually left work to fetch Damien there was one helluva traffic jam and it took me just over thirty minutes to move exactly one kilometre! While this was happening it was getting closer and closer to five thirty, so I called my mom- who was already at the hospital) and then my brother who- when he drives home- goes more or less near where Damien was with his friend this afternoon. So, a complete stranger and da bruvva to the rescue. I got home just after six!

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  1. Boy am I glad I wasn’t inthat car with you! I got stressed and worked up just reading this post.

    I need a tea break now. sheesh.

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