I Just Want To Dispel Your Fears

Just in case you think I’m going to do nothing but bitch and rant and spit gloom and doom all of this year. I don’t plan to. Yesterday was just a severely shitty day.
Damien seems to have settled into high school really nicely. Granted its only day 3 of real work (after the first three days of orientation), and he admitted that its “rough” to use his word, he has not complained yet. He even admitted to surprising himself with how easily he made some new friends. He has met one in particular named Jason who he likes a lot, and I’m hoping it stays that way because he hasn’t had a “best” friend in a while. He and the kid he’d been friends with since they were both tiny had a falling out about a year ago and haven’t spoken since. Damien also reckons he’s coping in the much bigger classes, even though I’m a little worried about him getting “lost” between all the different teachers and subjects. It is his school of choice and it was recommended by his primary school, but there’s almost no serious individual focus like he had at his primary school and I am more than a little worried about that.
My dad seems to be improving steadily. He’s eating, and yesterday he sat in a chair for the first time.
I’ll keep you up to date on what else is new in the land of Angel.

2 thoughts on “I Just Want To Dispel Your Fears

  1. Just read this post again – have to say “Phew! – what a relief!”

    he he

    yebpayk: short for yebo my pay is kak

  2. I hope he keeps improving and doing better and better. It is scary I know – well I dont know, but you know what I mean…

    mmioo – the sound a cat makes when it tries to be a cow

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