Am I A Sucker, Or Was It Clever Strategy On My Part?

I dunno yet, and I’m sincerely hoping I’m not going to kick myself- but what better way to have a say in Damien’s education and such than to be on the school’s governing body. . . right? I SAAAAAAID: RIGHT?!? Noooo- don’t groan out loud- I didn’t wanna hear that! And don’t you dare snicker either!
Okay, let’s start at the beginning shall we. Last night was a welcoming function for the new pupils and their parents. A chance to meet the teachers (which I did a week ago already. . . giggle) and meet the heads of department and so on (I was hoping to talk to the counselor but I think he was expecting to be mobbed and he did a runner). When I got the invitation for the evening I was expecting an information evening like so many others I’ve been to- discussions around the rules and discipline and attendance and so on- this school does things differently. They got their music, drama and dance departments to put on a few little performances for us- with brief teacher introductions done somewhere in between them all- and then snacks and nibblies afterwards (for the kids as well as the parents). Maybe the entertainment and music was how they suckered me into giving my card to the governing body president after the talking was finished. . . the ballet “interlude” actually brought tears to my eyes. But no, I cannot tell a lie- I volunteered. You have to be nominated and then elected and it’s a three year term, so there’s really no fannyin’ about here people! He warned during his talk that the meetings are monthly and often inconvenient etc, but what really caught my attention was the “parents carry the majority vote” part of the job description. It’s a seventeen member body with nine parents. Now I just need to wangle a nomination somehow. Had I known it was going to be such an entertaining evening, I would have taken Damien with me. He had gymnastics though, which was scheduled to finish after the school thing started, so I arranged with my mommy darling to pick him up from the gym and I would fetch him afterwards.
So. I’ll let you know if I hear from them- or if I manage to get myself nominated- I may just end up on a committee or something. As long as I’m involved I’m happy. It’s how I make up for not being able to go to school with Damien everyday and watch over him. Am I neurotic or what!?!?