And Here’s A Little Something Funny

Last week I was clothes shopping- or browsing rather because I had some time to kill before fetching Damien- and I spotted something in PEP (all South Africans know what PEP is) that had me laughing out loud! Unfortunately I can’t upload the picture for some reason. It was a rack full of bras, and one label in particular caught my eye. It said (and I quote): COTTON Crossover bra with MONEY POCKETS. Now, I know South African women, and probably a lot of women on this planet have kept their money in their bra for safety reasons, but this REALLY struck me as comical! Something else I saw this morning was a bakkie with the company logo “DIAL A PAINTER” painted on the back and sides- except that on the driver side door it said “DAIL A PAINTER” and I wasn’t fast enough to get a picture. . . and over the weekend Damien and I drove past a business that’s situated in a house on the way to some friends and the lettering on the wall is this beautiful brushed steel, with the last letter N in the word “ELETRONIKA” welded onto the wall back-to-front. I didn’t get a picture of that either but it made me and Damien giggle all the way to our destination!

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2 Responses to And Here’s A Little Something Funny

  1. spookie says:

    When you gonna post something new?????????

  2. spookie says:

    I saw a plumming company’s bakkie the other day and the name of the company was “vatikaki”. I thought that was rather clever.