Okay, okay, I’m exaggerating- I mean diet. . . you may remember how, when I started the diet in mid-November, all seemed to be going swimmingly! I really should have thought a little further ahead. I lost about three kilos before the festive season started (can you see where this is heading?!) and then when I went back to my dietician at the beginning of January, I weighed more than I did when I started in November! All my hard work down the drain! But to be honest I did have Christmas, New Year and my birthday to celebrate. . . Anyhoo, I lost a little between my first and my last visits to her this year, and now she has put me on a mild appetite suppressant just for a month to get me started and avoid getting disheartened by my lack of or slow loss. I am also going back to the gym (hopefully this week- just waiting for final approval) and I’m really looking forward to that. Damien is also excited because he gets his own card and he gets to train with me at no extra cost until he’s 18. One of the nice things about taking him with me is that he’s old enough to go to the men’s change rooms by himself and we both love to shower after training and before going home. The consultant who took my application suggested that the evenings are quieter (and it suits me to go after 7) and having Damien with me won’t get up any member’s noses (there’s nothing worse than waiting for someone’s kid to get off a machine when there’s a long queue). And we’ll be going on a Saturday morning which is also lovely and un-crowded! My initial plan is three times a week, working up to more as I get fitter and as time allows.